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        ARROWFISH is a professional in research and development of " wall hanging system", manufacturing and sales of technical enterprises. 

        We develop new technology based on the most advanced German technology we introduced. In 2006, we initial proposed the concept of "Undercut anchor nature types and defined " Screw-in undercut anchor fixing system becoming the creator and leader of scerw-in undercut anchor products. The system has been certificated by National Anti-seismic Test and industry experts. We also involved in compiling several Nation Engineering Technical Regulation standard llustrated Books, and passed the ICC-ES Certification in 2016.

        The three series of ARROWFISH products are focusing on the standardization of stone(artificial stone)facade fixing leading building products to factory manufacturing, and scale assembling. Our products are widely used in city public constructions, high commercial real estates, rail transit etc. Sold to clients from Asia, Europe, America, Middle East regions


    Leading the new direction of building technology and construction and assembly technology


    Systematization, service specialization


    Committed to stone (artificial sheet) mounting system innovation


    Brands stem from persistence, innovation, change the future


    We will combine our previous successful experiences and strive to have new creative designs and product applications for each project in the future.

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    Xiangshan Aquatic Cold chain Logistics Park

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    Nanning Fuya International Financial Center

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    Beijing Life Science and Technology school



    Sailfish is the first company to establish a BIM design team in the building curtain wall industry. Through the understanding of design and decades of product development, it provides reliable technical consulting services for the project. At present, BIM design capability is in the leading position in the industry and has won the trust of many customers.

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